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Secondary referee signals
Throw forward or forward pass
Unplayable ball in ruck or tackle
Unplayable ball in maul
Scrum wheeled more than 90 degrees
Throw at lineout not straight
Ball held up in in-goal
Foot-up by front-row player
Throw at scrum not straight
Closing gaps in lineout
Early lifting and lifting in lineout
Not releasing ball immediately in the tackle
Tackler not releasing tackled player
Tackler or tackled player not rolling away
Entering tackle from wrong direction
Intentionally falling over on a player
Diving to the ground near the tackle
Joining a ruck or a maul in front of the back foot and from the side
Intentionally collapsing ruck or maul
Prop pulling down opponent
Prop pulling opponent
Failure to bind
Handling ball in ruck or scrum
Barging in lineout
Leaning on player in lineout
Pushing opponent in lineout
Offside in the lineout
Obstruction in open play
Offside at scrum, ruck or maul
Offside under 10-metre law or not 10 metres at penalty and free-kicks
High tackle (foul play)
Stamping (foul play)
Punching (foul play)
Dissent (disputing referee’s decision)