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World Rugby Leisure Rugby Laws: Beach Fives Rugby

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Law 3: Number of Players: The Team

Maximum: Each team must have no more than five players on the playing area.
More than the permitted numbers: At any time before or during a match a team captain may make an objection to the referee about the number of players in the opponent’s team. As soon as the referee knows that a team has too many players, the referee must order the captain of that team to reduce the number appropriately. A try is disallowed when scored by a team with more than the permitted number of players.

Sanction: Free kick at the place where the game would restart

Players nominated as substitutes: A team may nominate up to seven substitutes. A team may substitute any number of players during a match providing they do so when the ball is dead. Substitutes must enter the playing area at the half way line. A player leaving the playing area may do so from any place.
Sent off for foul play: A player sent off for foul play must not be replaced or substituted.
Injured player: If the referee decides – with or without the advice of a doctor or other medically qualified person – that a player is so injured that the player should stop playing, the referee should order that player to leave the playing area. The referee may also order an injured player to leave the field in order to be medically examined.
Blood injury: A player who has an open or bleeding wound must leave the playing area. The player may return only when the bleeding has stopped or controlled and covered.